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Extra Bond 475ml (1pint)
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Extra Bond 475ml (1pint)

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Extra Bond is a water based polymer emulsion.  When added to milk paint, it gives greater adhesion to non-porous surfaces or previously finished pieces.  It is environmentally safe, non toxic and VOC free.  Clean up is easy since it’s a water based product – just simple soap and water will do.

Using the Extra Bond is really simple because there are no extra steps involved!

The directions call for adding 2 parts paint to one part of bond. 

Extra Bond only needs to be used on the 1st coat of paint.  When using the bond in your 1st coat, it is recommended that you wait 2 hours before applying the 2nd coat of milk paint.

It’s important to have the Extra Bond on hand, especially when first starting out with milk paint.  Milk paint is known for its unpredictability especially when skipping the bond, so by adding the bond you will have better control over the final results of your piece.

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