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Sweet Pickins Milk Paint 101
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Sweet Pickins Milk Paint 101

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Sweet Pickins Milk Paint 101

Saturday 29th November, 9am to 12pm

281 Guildford Road, Maylands WA

Got old furniture that needs an update? 

Get inspired

..... Sweet Pickins 101 .....

Share, create and connect with like minded people while you learn Milk Paint Basics.

Sweet Pickins Milk Paint is new to WA so grab this opportunity to come and learn all about it. This awesome new product will blow your mind with its environmental benefits, versatility and beautiful, always growing colour range.

What we will do:


What is Sweet Pickins Milk Paint?

What are the benefits of Sweet Pickins Milk Paint?

How to use Sweet Pickins Milk Paint

Watch a quick demonstration and then get hands on with test boards.

Board 1 Straight paint

  • Mixing and consistency
  • Painting and coverage
  • Cause and effect

Board 1 Layering Colours

  • Layering colours using a resist.
  • Choosing where to layer.

Board 2 Extra Bond

  • Different surfaces
  • Mixing in extra bond
  • Painting and coverage with extra bond

Board 3, Painting with the Whites

  • What to do with whites

Sealing your work

  • Why we need to seal
  • Sealing options in our range, when to use what.
  • Testing on boards

Custom Colours

  • Go crazy and create custom colours.
  • Test out your creations.

Clean Up

  • How to clean your brushes
  • How to clean wax from cloths
Want More? Check out the
workshop beginning 1 hour later

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